The Internet has reduced the cost of starting tech businesses and accelerated the democratization of entrepreneurship worldwide. Still, entrepreneurs face the same challenges: penetrate a market or create a new one, grow solid teams, find business models that generate profits, design products that keep paying customers returning, respect the law…

Consilience Ventures offers freelancers with 20 years of experience a new and exciting way to get rewarded for their work. Let’s find out more.

Working for yourself isn’t easy. The challenges you face include finding clients, pricing your services correctly and, of course, actually doing the work.

If you’re a…

Setting up for the Pregame and Strategizing for the End Game

Sleepless nights and caffeine-high mornings are sure to be a familiar scene when starting your business, and it’s all for the purpose of bringing the fruits of your labor to life. But unfortunately, hard work is only a piece of the larger puzzle that’ll determine whether your start-up will take…

The world’s biggest European VC list.

Things are good in ‘Europe Startup Land’ From seed, to series A the ecosystem is thriving more than ever with lots of great active investors.

From the ideation to growth stage almost any start-up can find an incubator or accelerator programme. Investors, service providers…

Kevin Monserrat

Entrepreneur and Investor in early stage deep-tech Startups

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